Private Modern/Contemporary technique, choreography or history classes at Salon 300

Salon 300 300 Columbia St., Cambridge, Ma
Kelley Donovan
Who is this class for?
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Suggested Attire
loose clothing that allows freedom of movement, bare feet or socks

Private dance instruction is a chance to work one on one to address dance technique, performance, stage presence, ask questions, address technical issues you have always wondered about. This could also be an opportunity to workshop choreography, revise and develop something you have been working on or work on a piece you plan to perform. The time is yours and can be used in whatever way is most useful!

Ideal for an aspiring dancers or a focused professional, individual attention will accelerate your growth to achieve or explore your goals. Enjoy the luxury of undivided attention to enhance your growth and expansion, to develop a program that suits your needs.

Creativity and art making is strength building for the spirit, coming together regularly, making art matters as it is an empty place to be vulnerable, sensitive, wise, kind, supportive and human. We dig deep in creative process, reflect on how we can show up more fully for one another- recognize our blind spots- and grow.