Youth Aerial Dance Classes

Boston University Fitness & Recreation Center 915 Commonwealth Ave, Boston
$135 for Fitrec members, $175 for non-Fitrec members
Kelly Redmond
Youth Aerial Dance
Who is this class for?
Kids and Families
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Suggested Attire
Leggings and tops that cover armpits. No loose clothing.

We’ll have your kids swinging and tumbling while learning an exciting mix of aerials, acrobatics and other circus skills. In our small group classes, we’ll work with your child’s individual skill level and interest to build confidence and self-esteem while exploring fun and cool activities. They’ll work on the mats, low trapeze, aerial hoop, silk slings, and more!

No background in gymnastics or acrobatics is required. We’ll help them develop their coordination, strength, flexibility and sense of play!

Ages: 8-11

Start Date: February 27, 2018
End Date: May 1, 2018