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Events & Performances

Presented by Somerville Arts Council
At 7 Hills Park (Meacham Road & Buena Vista Road Somerville, MA)

Sat, June 13 @ 8:30 pm

For a third year Somerville Arts Councile is pleased to produce a city-wide dance festival, Dancing In The Streets. Featuring eight free, outdoor dance performances throughout Somerville, May 23-July 11th.

Jean Appolon Expressions presents: ANGAJE - A full-length production, set to the music of Haitian legend Toto Bissainthe and live percussion. ANGAJE is inspired by the struggle against homophobia and the power of Haitian folkloric culture in the fight for justice.

Original choreography by: Jean Appolon
Dance performance by: JAE dancers Melissa Alexis, Eboni Baptiste, Isabelle Morse and Meghan Riling
Live music by: JAE percussionists Joel Augustin, Juju, Emmanuel “Q” Lerbout and Jean Marseille
Costume design by: Jean Appolon

Jean Appolon Expressions is based in Boston and directed by Jean Appolon. JAE’s Haitian contemporary dance company combines Modern technique, Haitian folkloric dance and live traditional drumming, bringing a new artistic vernacular to its audiences.

Posted By: Jean Appolon Expressions

Ticket Information:
Ticket/Admission Price :FREE
BDA Discount Offer :FREE

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Presented by American Character Dance Society
At Dance Theatre of the Boston University (915 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusetts)

Sun, June 14 @ 9:00 am

Character Dance Camp is a one-week intensive training program, the first of its kind in the U.S., specifically designed for adults and older teens. The program offers an exciting and unique opportunity to study the technique, repertoire, and history of character and national dance with experts in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Students will be able to broaden their dance vocabulary and enhance their ability to portray any emotion, movement, and style as well as express themselves through dance.

Posted By: American Character Dance Society

Ticket Information:
Ticket/Admission Price :$500.00
BDA Discount Offer :$450.00

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Presented by Somerville Arts Council
At Conway Basketball Court (Somerville Ave & Central Street Somerville, MA)

Fri, June 19 @ 8:30 pm

For a third year Somerville Arts Councile is pleased to produce a city-wide dance festival, Dancing In The Streets. Featuring eight free, outdoor dance performances throughout Somerville, May 23-July 11th.

The Team (directed by Michelle Marroquin) presents: Business Casual and Mammals Dancing, two dances about control, desire and comfort. Business Casual (25 minutes)  
Conservatively dressed women sit uncomfortably on chairs subjects of an odd and undefinable ritual.  High heels bounce, torsos heave and upturned bodies chew gum emphatically. From an unnamed malaise to tangled contact, to a contemporary folk dance for administrative professionals, Business Casual invites us to imagine the underworld of working women.

Mammals Dancing (22 minutes)
Pijamas, underwear, animal prints or fur, what are we most comfortable wearing? Exploring the pleasure of movement and the tension between skin and clothing, these graceful movers glide through space in rotating angular sculptures, pausing to nuzzle fur, inspect each others smells, and bask in the pleasure of belonging to a pride.

Composed by: Tony Silva
Performed by: Marya Moylan & Katelyn Bermingham

The Team is an ensemble of visual and performing artists who make original art using the body, sound and objects. Exploring contemporary issues and gender inequality to create humorous fables with a wry wit. The Team offers a raw, live, and thought-provoking experience of performance art.


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Featuring Chinese Folk Art Workshop, Inc. : Presented by Chinese Folk Art Worshop, Inc.
At Casey Theatre at Regis College (235 Wellesley Street Weston, MA)

Sat, June 20 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

展翅高飛 High Fly Our performance group features both male and female performers, representing the Dragon and Phoenix simultaneously. By flying and dancing together, these two powerful entities create graceful and powerful movements that bring life to the performance and audience. our performancesincludes: - Dragon Dance (Including the Glow in the Dark Dragon) - Chinese Yo-Yo (Including the LED Yo-yo) - Beating of the Drum - Chinese Folk Dances etc.

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Featuring Jo-Mé Youth Company and Jo-Mé Trainees : Presented by Jo-Mé Dance Inc.
At The Dance Complex (536 Mass Ave Cambridge, MA)

Fri, June 26 @ 8:00 pm
Sat, June 27 @ 8:00 pm

Jo-Mé Youth Company and the Jo-Mé Trainees perform new and old works. An evening of young dancers performing intriguing and emotionally driven pieces.

Youth: $12
General: $20

Artistic Directors | Joe Gonzalez & May-Lisa Chandler
Assistant Artistic Director & Choreographer | Diaman Wood

Posted By: Jo-Me Dance Arts

Ticket Information:
Contact Name :May-Lisa Chandler
Ticket/Admission Price :General: $20 | Youth: $12
Reservation Phone :617-285-2481
Contact Website
Contact Email :

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Featuring Anna Reyes Dance in collaboration with Tamara Al-Mashouk : Presented by BCA Dance Residency
At Mills Gallery at the BCA (551 Tremont Street Boston, MA)

Fri, June 26 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Sat, June 27 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Boston Center for the Arts Dance Residency Showcase The Good Parts of Being Alive with Anna Reyes Dance Friday, June 26 | 8:00pm Saturday, June 27 | 8:00pm Mills Gallery at the BCA | 551 Tremont Street, Boston 02116 Tickets | $15 General Admission | $12 Boston Dance Alliance members The Good Parts of Being Alive explores how outside factors shift the behavior between two people in love. This multi-media piece will weave together video and live performance by two of Boston’s edgy emerging artists – Anna Reyes, dance & Tamara Al-Mashouk, film. Despite outside factors shaping the shared connection, each individual has his/her unique experience in a romantic relationship. Throughout The Good Parts of Being Alive, the audience will have a unique relationship with the piece as they walk through the Mills Gallery and experience multiple layers of the work.

Posted By: Boston Center for the Arts

Ticket Information:
Ticket/Admission Price :$15 General Admission
BDA Discount Offer :$12 with code BCABDA
Reservation Info

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Presented by Somerville Arts Council
At ArtFarm (10 Poplar Street Somerville, MA)

Sat, June 27 @ 8:30 pm

For a third year Somerville Arts Councile is pleased to produce a city-wide dance festival, Dancing In The Streets. Featuring eight free, outdoor dance performances throughout Somerville, May 23-July 11th.

Weber Dance presents: Of Looms and Lilies - In 1845 Henry David Thoreau retreated to his cabin at Walden Pond in Massachusetts to experiment with a life of simplicity. He kept detailed records of his environment including when the pond froze and thawed and when each variety of plant bloomed in spring. Less than 30 miles away the industrial revolution was well underway at the Lowell Mills that employed over 10,000 people, mostly women, to generate fabric for an explosion of ready-made American clothing. Today we own closets full of clothing and mass made material goods that would have boggled the mind of the average nineteenth century American.

Recent research has utilized Thoreau’s detailed observations on the plants of Walden Pond and revealed that those same plants are blooming an average of three weeks earlier than they did in 1845. It is no longer disputed that human activity is contributing to climate change, so what have we gained and what are we losing? What did these mill girls gain in financial independence, and what did they lose as they disconnected with the natural world and entered the life of dormitories and machines?

Of Looms and Lilies is an artistic investigation of the proliferation of material wealth generated by the industrial revolution and its effect on both our personal and spiritual lives and its wider impact on Climate change. It is also a simple conversation between a nineteenth century factory worker and a contemporary woman. What might they say to one another? What might they learn?

Weber Dance is a contemporary concert dance company that engages the public in the expressive power of movement through programs that enrich, inspire and educate audiences, helping them to develop a deeper of awareness of the language of human movement, the history of American dance, and the transformative power of live performance.

The work is varied with a strong emphasis on the impact of scientific discovery, historical events, and cultural phenomena on individual’s lives. Weber Dance always strives for a humanistic approach to material and often incorporates text or ideas from the larger community.

The organization is also deeply committed to educational programming. Weber Dance offer classes, lecture demonstrations and educational talks in service to the community. In addition to educational work within its region, Weber Dance actively seeks residencies at the national level that unite educational programming with artistic performance. Weber Dance is committed to working with students of all ages and economic backgrounds with a special interest in reaching communities with underserved populations. The company has successfully offered programming in Alaska, New York, Montana, Maine, California and Florida with an upcoming tour of Western Colorado in Spring 2014.


Posted By: Weber Dance

Ticket Information:
Ticket/Admission Price :FREE
BDA Discount Offer :FREE

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Featuring BoSoma Dance Company : Presented by BoSoma Dance Company
At Boston University Dance Theatre (915 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA)

Sat, July 18 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

BoSoma Dance Company presents their Summer Season performance with Summer Intensive students.

Posted By: BoSoma Dance Company

Ticket Information:
Ticket/Admission Price :$25
BDA Discount Offer :$20
Reservation Phone :617-358-2500
Contact Website :TBA

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