Apply to Audition for Nozama Dance Collective

Nozama Dance Collective seeks professional contemporary/modern dancers to join the company for the 2023 season, and beyond.

Application Due Friday March 3rd. Once you complete this form, you will hear back by March 5th. If we invite you to audition, the audition will take place on Sunday March 12th from 3-5pm


Trained in modern/contemporary dance with strong technique and artistry
Interested in improvisation, collaboration, and process
Non-male gender identity
Fully vaccinated (up to date with boosters)
Looking to continue dancing in a rigorous, professional environment but with a flexible schedule
Available to start dancing with us in March 2023
Generally available Sunday 3-6pm

Produce 2 shows each season
Dancers paid via humble stipends
Free class every week
Opportunities to perform in local festivals, and collaborations
Opportunities to choreograph, teach, and utilize other skills and interests
Positive and encouraging, mental-health-informed, body-neutral environment.