Open Call for Performers: The Data Fluencies Theatre Project

The Data Fluencies Theatre Project at Emerson College seeks interdisciplinary performers to join an artistic research team that will co-create a participatory, devised, hybrid multimedia performance that engages with AI systems. Performers will be involved as engaged collaborators and co-creators in the development process of the performance.

The performance will seek to imagine and enact alternative socio-technical systems that strive towards pluriversal future-presents and ways of world-making. The performance will be developed in Boston and online and will be performed in person in Boston and Vancouver as well as online. The performance’s hybrid format, including both in-person and online components, aims to expand access and engage the Internet as both a stage for performance and an object of investigation and critique. Key collaborators on the performance include Ioana B. Jucan, Katherine Helen Fisher, CultureHub, and Sydney Skybetter.