What’s Going On? Audition & Master Class at Urbanity Dance

What’s Going On? is looking to hire 8-10 Boston-area performers to participate in the production. Dancers will rehearse with Vincent Thomas and Sylvia Soumah, and they will perform with the WGO Company in two performances on April 27th & 28th at Roxbury Community College. Audition held at Urbanity Dance Apr 13th, 3:30 PM – 5:15 PM.

What’s Going On? is full-length dance piece set to the ground-breaking music of Marvin Gaye.Marvin Gaye’s insights into life, love, and social justice are given fresh perspectives with choreography by Vincent E. Thomas, Ralph Glenmore and Sylvia Soumah. It provokes thoughtfulness and sparks conversations, igniting change in each community it touches.

Dancers will receive a $250 stipend and 2 free tickets.

Learn more about rehearsal schedule: https://www.wgoboston.com/community-dancers | Pre-register for the audition: https://www.wgoboston.com/masterclass-audition