“I AM TANGO” by Tango Lovers

Presented by Copa Airlines
Regent Theater 7 Medford Street , Arlington
49 - 59 -69 - 79 - 85 -95

“I AM TANGO” by TANGO LOVERS, multiple times awarded “Best Show of the Year” and “Best International Production”.

Directly from Argentina & Uruguay an unforgettable experience with an ensemble of 24 world-­renowned professionals, dancers and musicians “I AM TANGO” by TANGO LOVERS presents a distinctive tango experience by staging its artistic evolution over time. The genre is represented by a central character named “Tango” who transits through different ages and cultures evolving with the passing of the years while maintaining the essence of the music that made its mark all over the world.

“I AM TANGO” by TANGO LOVERS generates the appropriate creative setting through music, dance, fashion styles, lighting and multimedia to engage your senses in the world of tango, from the Golden years to contemporary times.


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