Improvisation and Creativity: An Infinity∞Dance Collective Workshop

Presented by Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA)
The Theatre at the Multicultural Arts Center (MAC) 41 Second Street , Cambridge, MA 02141

Why: The art, skills and techniques used in improvisation can be potent tools for generating creativity in your art and life.
Infinity∞Dance Collective uses improvisation to generate movement and ideas for all of our dances. We have found that the skills, tools and structures in improvisation are invaluable in generating more creative outcomes in our movement process. We as people can get stuck in ruts. It happens in everyday life at different times for all of us. Those ruts can also show up for artists trying to find inspiration to develop work. Improvisation is one way you can shake things up! These tools can help you access spontaneity, authenticity and presence while spurring creativity. In this workshop you will learn some tools and structures of improvisation and will have the opportunity to play with applying those structures to varied mediums of art making.
Who: Those who identify as artists or anyone interested in bringing more creativity into your life. All levels welcome!

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