Développé Evolving Dance

Pre-professional training for ages 9-19 and open ballet class for int/adv adults.

The goal at développé is to create an environment in which young people can grow, develop and unfold into the dancers that live within them. Dance in all forms is an expression of one’s self. Like language if not spoken clearly, movement not well developed is hard to understand. They strive to help our students find a clear voice through their movement by providing a team of coaches that can help with all aspects of developing dancers’ needs, to be at their best. And an understanding and acceptance that, as with all things, humans grow in their own time and space and the best way to foster that growth is with a balance of patience and persistence.

Whether a dancer is driven by modern, ballet or contemporary career aspirations they are focused on providing the technique and life skills to aid young dancers in entering and having longevity in this highly competitive field.