Learn Contemporary dance using Indian Martial arts (Kalaripayattu)

Green street Studios 185 Green St, Cambridge, MA 02139, Cambridge
$18/class, $80 for 6 workshops
Chavi Bansal
Contemporary/martial arts
Who is this class for?
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This class is for all levels including beginners and yoga practitioners. A very accessible practice for all bodies and all ages irrespective of your past training.
Kalaripayattu (Kalari) is an ancient martial art form from India with an intact oral lineage as old as Yoga and Ayurveda.
A Warrior tradition, Kalari is a powerful meditation in
movement, developing strength and flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness.
The dance practice will begin with movement-based warm-ups and conditioning exercises moving into more physical practice and study of 8 animals and there physicality and characteristics. The class will end with a small contemporary dance-inspired movement routine, with Cool down and meditation practice.
From August 17th – September 21st, 2019 only @Green Street Studios, Cambridge.
Timing: 11 am-12 pm every Saturday, Studio 2. Early bird price for full workshop $80. Per class Price $18.
To reserve a spot Venmo: @Chavi-Bansal