Dancers and Choreographers Wanted for Multimedia Art Project

MASARY seeks choreographers and dancers for a multimedia installation project for a prominent local museum. For full description and to apply, visit the link below. We seek to capture a diverse range of dance styles and movement languages. Interested groups should have established choreography to draw from and be comfortable editing and reworking such on the fly. This may include performing the same material in different groupings (solo, duo, etc). Some structured improv. and creating-in-the-moment is expected and encouraged. We are most interested in capturing those qualities of movement, dance, and choreography that exemplify each group’s background, training, and lineage, and those qualities that are unique to each choreographer. We are interested in this work being authentically representative of the diversity of dancers, performers, and movement in Greater Boston. Those of all backgrounds, genders, races and ethnicities, body types, and abilities are strongly encouraged to apply