Danza Orgánica Internship

Production Assistant: We Create/ Celebrating Women in the Arts!
You will have the opportunity to join the unique process of putting together a large production in the city of Boston (entering our 7th year!). Unlike any other, We Create brings together self-identified and gnc artists from all artistic disciplines to work together around a common theme over the period of 6 months. The culmination of the process is the We Create Festival. As an intern you will be asked to engage in challenging responsibilities in a high-paced environment. This year (2020), you will work with us for the two months leading to the production (mid-February, March, and mid-April).

For information on internship description, how to apply, compensation and more, please visit: http://www.danzaorganica.org/opportunities-with-danza-org%C3%A1nica.php