Development & Education Coordinator at Urbanity Dance

Urbanity Dance is looking to hire a part-time Development & Education Coordinator. Please apply by August 10, 2018. This is a unique role that balances two separate sets of responsibilities. The employee will be based at one of our studio locations (either 1180 Washington or Balance) approximately 23 hours per week, and will prioritize parent/student interaction and customer service on an as-needed basis while present at the studio. In this capacity, the Coordinator will be directly supporting and supervised by the Education Manager, and will be trained to be well-versed and highly responsive in all of the administrative responsibilities related to the School. The employee will be based at the Urbanity administrative office for the remaining 12 hours required for this position. Approximately 25 hours of the employee’s time can be expected to be focused on Development responsibilities, and approximately 10 hours focused on customer service and School administration.