Gun control rally performers


Gun control rally performers needed for March 24, 2018 rally

Help commemorate lives lost in incidents of gun violence in the U.S. by participating in STAIN

Rehearsal on Weekend of March 10-11 TBA

Performance 9:30-11:30 am prior to Rally at Noon

DETAILS: For full scenario and rehearsal times, please email us:

Paid performers*

ROLLERS: These performers will roll in slow motion down the hill, wrapped in red cloth, creating red stripes on the grass. Performers should be in good physical shape, not prone to dizziness— And with no current back problems, please!. Rolling or tumbling experience preferred.

WRAPPERS: These performers will wrap the Rollers in the red cloth in a ritual ensemble at the top of the piece. They will later post Signs on the grass that bear the names of people who have died in gun deaths this year. They should have some performing experience.

*An honorarium of $100 will be paid to performers who complete 2 rehearsals and one performance.


SIGN PLANTERS. Performers who wish to commemorate people who have died in gun violence, or places where there were gun incidents, are invited to join the performing ensemble to place signs on the grass below the State House. Volunteer performers should contact Tempest before the weekend of March 10-11.