Hiring contemporary dancers for a new project led by Heather Stewart

Canadian choreographer Heather Stewart is currently hiring recent dance graduates for a new contemporary dance project that will take place throughout 2018/19. Dancers must be based in Boston, MA and no longer enrolled in a full -time program.

Specifically looking for dancers who possess a strong foundation in contemporary dance technique and an openness to working with improvisation and task based work. Dancers are encouraged to visit Heather’s website, heatherstewartdance.com, to see if their current interests and priorities align with Heather’s artistic and movement style. Between 1 – 2 performers and 1 – 2 understudies will be hired. This is a paid opportunity for both the dancers and the understudies.

Interested dancers should send their CV and between 1 – 3 videos of recent work as a dancer to h.stewartdance@gmail.com. There is no formal audition for this project. Dancers will be contacted and brought into open rehearsals throughout the summer to audition for this project.