Improvise at a video game show


Felix the Reaper, a video game that has a character who dances is going to be portrayed at PAX East in Boston on the 28th to the 31st of March 2019.

We are looking to find a dancer

  • who is willing to come on the show at our booth to improvise a short dance show in a Felix The Reaper Suit
  • It should ideally happen 2-4 times pr. day
  • one or more of the 4 days of PAX East.
  • The final conditions should be agreed upon with the dancer for them to feel comfortable about the job.


  • The dancer will get a badge for the full conference
  • And a daily rate tbd covering all 2-4 performances of each day.


What’s the gig about:

We are aiming for a look and feel of a short street dance’ish pop up in each of the 4-8 minute dance performances (length of performance depends on what the dancer is comfortable doing in the suit)

Most likely the performance can only take up 10″X10 feet of the floor space or less, while it’s happening.

We’ll be bringing music – that can be forwarded in advance too + you can also play the game or see video of i


  1. You think this sounds like fun.
  2. Gender and age is not important.
  3. You are comfortable doing dance improvisation in a Felix suit.
  4. You can dance in your own black socks or your own black dancing shoes directly on the conference floor.
  5. You are ready to jump into uncharted territory like this with us – we also don’t know exactly how it will eventually pan out, but we try to plan as precisely as possible.
  6. You need to go through a small Skype session with me about it asap – just talking the thing through with me.
  7. You are able to send us some video of you dancing for us to evaluate your skills.
  8. You are average in height and weight? (we craft the suit to fit a certain range of average men and women to be sure it can be reused in other occasions with other dancers)


Esben Kjær Ravn, +45 51 64 28 40