Instructors at Dance For All (Opening 2018)

We are currently hiring instructors at Dance For All, a new dance fitness studio for non-dancers and dancers, opening in Boston in early 2018.

We are looking for talented dance instructors to join our growing team. Ideal candidates are kind, humble, high energy, inclusive, talented dance teachers for all classes and levels. Classes are offered in all levels and all styles – jazz, modern, hip hop, salsa, and a few creative classes as well (e.g., hybrid wedding classes that are half ballroom and half hip-hop/club, or modern pop themed classes like “Shake It Off” or “Jock Jams Throwback”).

Take a look at our Classes page to see if you might be a good fit for any of the classes we teach. We are very open to instructors who have a creative class they would like to teach; if this is you, please let us know!

You can also read our FAQ to learn more about our story. If you think being an instructor at Dance For All might be for you, please get in touch.