Partnership Opportunity: Dance and Performance Business in Gloucester

Movement Arts Gloucester MA (MAGMA) is seeking a business partner to collaborate on the next steps for the organization, with a focus on spearheading the performance and event side of operations. This is an area ripe for growth and development, with potential to position MAGMA as a pillar of cultural activity for the region. Ideal use for the event space is mixed-use community programming reflecting the diverse interests, cultures, and age groups of the region, together with curated events from an informed aesthetic and philosophical viewpoint.

Candidate must be a motivated individual with solid experience in at least two of the following: the performing arts, arts management, grant writing, non-profit operations, community outreach, and development. Collaborative and communication skills are necessary, as candidate would work closely with the Director, create partnerships with local organizations, and liaise with artists, cultural organizations, and community members.