Urbanity Dance Fall 2018 Internships

Undergraduate and Graduate students interested in pursuing careers in Arts Administration are encouraged to apply. Interns will play an active, direct, hands-on role in the continued growth and evolution of this dance non-profit organization. Internships are unpaid.

As an Urbanity Dance Intern, you will:

-Combine artistry, passion, and growth
-Be a part of a team on the brink of something new
-Receive on-the-job training
-Work alongside professional staff both independently and collaboratively
-Gain hands-on experience in arts administration
Immerse yourself in a creative environment

Interns receive:
-Complimentary dance classes
-Tickets to performances
-An eye-opening and sometimes life-changing experience about what happens behind the scenes of a quickly accelerating nonprofit dance organization

Visit our website http://www.urbanitydance.org/internships to see specific Internship opportunities and information on how to apply.