Contemporary Class at The Dance Complex’s Summer Sizzle Dance Festival

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 , Cambridge
General: $25 BDA/Student/Senior: $22 *Sign up before July 20 and save 10% on your registration
Hollis Bartlett & Nattie Trogdon
Who is this class for?

These classes draw from Hollis and Nattie’s personal investigations and experiences as movers and humans. At the beginning of class students invest time in warming-up their bodies; the artists both believe that understanding how the body functions is integral to preparing the body and to begin our practice. They combine elements of Pilates, yoga, fitness, somatic practices, and various dance forms to reinforce a structural understanding of alignment and a functional use of the muscles. Opening students awareness to listen to what is happening inside of their bodies is also important. Every body is different and Hollis and Nattie encourage each student to strive for an understanding of their own body and build a personal practice that will find balance and strengthen. Once students’ bodies are warm, they move on to larger investigations of movement that include weight, space, momentum, and energy. Building on all of the ideas introduced in the warm-up, they look at how the body can effi

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