Fall Jam 2019

Cambridge Masonic Hall 1950 Mass. Ave (Porter Square) , Cambridge
Contact improvisation
Who is this class for?

Contact Improv Boston’s Fall Jam, with Alyssa Lynes, Artist-in-Residence

–All Jamming

–Welcoming Community

–New & Old Friends

–Breakfast and Lunch included

–Pot Luck Dinner

ALYSSA LYNES (BA ’03) brings us almost 20 years of CI practice and research. She shares her curiosity in community development, and her life long love for dancing. Alyssa has taught extensively in Europe and North America, and co-directed the film, “Five Ways In”   (Find the film at ResearchIngContactImprovisation.com). Alyssa is one of the founding teachers of Touch and Play.
As well as dancing, Alyssa works as a life coach (AlyssaLynes.com) trained at the Academy of Coaching Excellence.
In the last year Alyssa completed a North American tour of a CI workshop called “Dancing Generosity” and published an article in Contact Quarterly, online, titled: “Awareness, Engagement & Resilience”. Alyssa assists Zahava Gris in their leadership program for facilitators who use movement to support people with intimacy and sexual empowerment.

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