BDA celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of our dance community!

We know that many projects announced on social media need a place to be more persistent — and the BDA website is the perfect place to extend their visibility over time.


Dancer Jen Passios walks you through some of the steps to develop effective grant applications in this Instagram series. Check it out here 


NACHMO Boston is compiling a list of artists who would be interested in collaborating with dancers. This is a growing list which means you could hear from someone tomorrow or months down the line about a project they’re hoping to collaborate on. If you are or know any lighting designers, musicians, costume designers, videographers, photographers, etc. interested send information to Brenna Banister at

Also remember that technical professionals can be added to the Boston Dance Alliance Allied Professionals page now free of charge!


Curated community conversations on a range of topics take place  contact Nicole Harris to get the schedule and zoom links.


The Speakeasy is a fun monthly performance party for dancers, actors, poets and all other performers and tarot readings (online) the 4th Saturday of the month at 8pm.  Apply to perform with Kelley Donovan here


The Dance Action Network listserve, managed by Kelley Donovan, especially valuable for those who are not active on other social media platforms, enables members of our dance community to share information directly with each other. It has now transitioned to a Google platform


Criteria for BDA Community Initiatives Page 

  • Projects have to be generated within the six New England states, but primarily of use to dancers in the Boston metropolitan area
  • Your list or announcement should be useful for an extended period — BDA is posting this information explicitly so that it has a longer life than it might have on social media.
  • Dance focus — we don’t have the bandwidth to deal with all physical modalities, so no martial arts, yoga etc. except where specifically aiming at dance folks
  • No invitation-only gatherings or lists
  • Let us know if there is a date when the initiative is set to expire
  • We reserve the right to decide that your activities should be in a different category — like an ongoing class or presenting series –and publicize it that way instead!

Send your information to

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