Boston Dance Alliance’s Fiscal Sponsorship program enables dancers and dance-makers in our community to raise funds for purposes related to BDA’s charitable mission without the complexities and overhead of incorporating as a separate non-profit organization.

BDA fiscally sponsored artists may be eligible to apply for government, foundation, and corporate grants that require a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status.

BDA fiscal sponsorships can cover one-time creative projects or an established company’s long-range, noncommercial activities within the scope of BDA’s charitable mission. Artists retain full creative control.

Download this FAQ on Fiscal Sponsorship explaining more about the program in detail.

How Do I Join?

You must be at least a Tier 1 Choreographers/Artistic Directors  or Studios and Dance Organizations BDA member to apply for fiscal sponsorship,

There is no other application fee, no minimum project budget, and no minimum fundraising goal.

The BDA Fiscal Sponsorship administrative fee is 7.5% for all donations from any source. Gifts of stock, which can be made by special arrangement, will also be charged 7.5%

To apply for BDA Fiscal Sponsorship, download and complete this form.

Ready to incorporate as a 501(c)(3)? Contact the Arts and Business Council Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.

Give To Boston Dance Alliance Sponsored Artists

To DONATE to a BDA-sponsored artist, click on the artist’s name listed below.  Donors who designate cash or in-kind contributions for the support of a fiscally-sponsored artist receive written acknowledgement from BDA of their charitable gifts, which are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Be aware that your tax receipt will indicate that the donation has been made to Boston Dance Alliance (because our organization is the official nonprofit entity) but any donation made through the website in this way will be designated for the artist you choose.