Boston Dance Alliance’s portfolio of resources exists to help dance and dancers express their creativity in a multitude of settings and communities.

If you’re a dancer, choreographer or dance teacher, we provide tools to develop your professional careers, put on a show, find jobs and professional collaborators, and build bridges across dance genres and backgrounds.

If you’re a student, we list dance classes and workshops around town — for kids and adults, beginners and those with decades of experience.

If you’re an audience member, our comprehensive list of dance events ranges from free, informal dance showings to splendid, highly produced performances.

If you like to dance, our participatory dance guide that will let you sample social dance activities, jams, clubs and parties across town.

But in order to grow these resources we need you!

Let us know what resources would help you make dance a part — or a bigger — part of your life. Email us at  We look forward to hearing from you.