Big Dance Theater: SHORT FORM

Presented by Institute of Contemporary Art
Institute of Contemporary Art 25 Harbor Shore Drive , Boston
SPECIAL TICKET PRICE $10 PLUS $3 processing fee. You do not need to be a BDA member. Use code bdt16 when ordering online.

In celebration of Big Dance Theater’s 25 th anniversary, artistic leaders Annie-B Parson—known for her work with David Bowie, David Byrne, and St. Vincent—and Paul Lazar theatrically re-imagine the conventions of a repertory program.


Inspired by disciplines of the concise—novellas, folk tales, diary entries, pencil drawings, thumbnail sketches—Big Dance performs five distinct short works, each a Boston premiere, that embrace the brief, granular, close-range, anecdotal, and microscopic.

Discover Big Dance’s unique blend of dance theater on an intimate scale with a 15-minute onstage birthday party at the evening’s center. Hot dogs will be served.

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