6th Annual Boston Public Schools Citywide Arts Festival

Presented by Boston Public Schools
Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common , Boston

Join us in June as over 700 student performers take over Boston Common!

Presented in collaboration with the Boston Parks Department, our annual 3-day event presents music, dance and theatre ensembles at the Parkman Bandstand. All are welcome to cheer on our city’s talented youth in our most famous park.

Dance Stage is June 6.  Boston Dance Alliance is proud to be providing our wonderful portable floor to BPS’ student dancers free of charge through Raise the Floor! Please consider supporting this valuable program!


  1. 10:30-10:50: Curley Ambassadors of Dance, Kim Taylor Knight, Director
  2. 10:50-11:05: Mildred Dancers, Sadie Soto, Director
  3. 11:05-11:20: Edison Step Team, Janelle Hoffman, Director
  4. 11:20-11.35:  Condon Dancers, Rene Martin, Director
  5. 11:35-11:50: Edison Poetry/Spoken Word Club, Veronica Leonard, Director
  6. 11:50-12:05: Umana Dance Teams, Paula Terenzi Byrne, Director
  7. 12:05-12:25: Edison Voices of Inspiration, Janelle Hoffman, Director
  8. 12:25-12:40: Josiah Quincy Elementary School Dance Team, Kerri Glennon Young, Director
  9. 12:40-12:55: Mather Movers, Bethany Lynch, Director
  10. 12:55-1:10:  The Eliot Dance Theater Works, Sean Murphy, Director
  11. 1:10-1:25: Orchard Gardens Dance, Jason Jordan, Director


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