Bill T Jones: A Letter to My Nephew

Presented by Institute of Contemporary Art
Institute of Contemporary Art 25 Harbor Shore Drive , Boston

A Letter to my Nephew, Bill T. Jones’s latest work, makes its U.S. premiere at the ICA. The work brings together two impulses: the social/political and the deeply personal. A Letter to my Nephew is a street scene or a still from the evening news that superimposes violent street battles in the U.S. and desperate immigrants rushing towards freedom in Europe over the image of a hospital bed untethered from reality.

Composer Nick Hallett, baritone Matthew Gamble, and DJ Tony Monkey accompany the accomplished dancers of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company with a delirious mixture of pop music, lullabies, house music, and more. Video design by Janet Wong turns the stage into a simulated battleground; through the fog, Jones’s words to his nephew come alive on stage.

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