Are You Buying?

Spaceus 20 Brattle Street , Cambridge
Free on November 28, $12 on Nov 29

A storefront mannequin searches for beauty, traveling back in time through fashion and beauty advertisements from the 1920s to today. At first, she’s thrilled to reinvent herself. But soon she’s caught in a loop of desire and dissatisfaction, chasing an ever-shifting beauty ideal.

“Are You Buying?” combines live theatrical dance and real-time video with pre-recorded animations of models and beauty products projected larger than life in a storefront window. With movement inspired by gestures in the advertisements, Catherine inserts her body into this imagined world, transforming herself into a 1920s ingenue, a 1950s housewife, and a 1990s sex object. A humorous and ironic score, mashing up clips from radio and TV ads, accompanies the performance.


Thursday, November 29 includes a conversation with Catherine about her inspiration and process followed by the 30 minute performance in a unique, intimate setting.

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