Boston Bhangra Competition 2017

Presented by Boston Bhangra, South Asian Nation and E3UK
Orpheum Theatre 1 Hamilton Place , Boston
$25 - $100

Come experience the 14th annual Boston Bhangra Competition. Bhangra is one of the most lively folk dances in the world, and will ignite your excitement and make you dance! It resides from the state of Punjab in India and is one of the fastest growing forms of music/dance in the world!

This competition is one of the largest and most successful Bhangra Competitions in North America showcasing the highly energetic, enthusiastic and fun folk dance from Punjab, India – BHANGRA! The most respected bhangra teams from the United States, and Canada will fight it out to be crowned the Boston Bhangra Champions!

Special performances by Bhangra legend Ashok Gill! Ashok is the singer behind Punjabi MC’s BIGGEST hits, including songs like: Morni, Gora Gora, Main Hogeya Sharabi, Bari Barsi, Balle Balle, Nachna Ounda Nahin and many more!!

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