Call of Courage

Presented by Urbanity Dance, Boston Arts Academy, Brighter Boston, and MAX Courage
Roxbury Community College 1234 Columbus Ave , Boston

Call of Courage, a performance that features choreography set to powerful stories of perseverance from Boston’s youth, is back! Students and teachers can join us for a free 12pm showing while the general public can purchase tickets for the 6pm showing.

The collaboration will feature Urbanity’s Professional Company, Boston Arts Academy Dance Program Students, and Brighter Boston Students in the creation and production. These artists will weave stories through choreography to an original sound score by local composer Rob Hyde, which centers the voices and writings from “The Courage of Children: Boston and Beyond” (2018 & 2019 publications) from Max Courage: The Max Warburg Courage Curriculum. The 45 minute performance for all ages develops an image of courage to honor personal truths of growing up in today’s society and promoting upstander. The dancers will play with power structures rooted in social interaction to create an immersive story of empowerment and peer intervention.

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