Dance and Empathy

Presented by Le Laboratoire Cambridge and the Arts and Humanities Initiative at Harvard Medical School
Le Laboratoire Cambridge 650 East Kendall Street , Cambridge, MA 02142

Le Laboratoire Cambridge presents DANCE AND EMPATHY with Ilya Vidrin and moderated by Lisa Wong.

Emerging from professional dance practices, Ilya’s work investigates physical principles of human interaction. From concepts like empathy, care, trust, vulnerability and respect, his central research question probes the language and biomechanics surrounding what it means to be “connected” within dance partnering, aiming to identify which aspects are determinable, generalizable, and further, measurable. To address this question, he works with wearable biofeedback technology designed to capture haptic and proxemic data. Currently used in studio and performance environments, implications for this research extend beyond artistic practice to promote healthy physical interactions.

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