Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat Season 3

Presented by Strive For Change Lifestyle
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell 57 Middlesex St , Lowell
$60 Full 2 days (Various offers via ticket link)

Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat is a 2 day dance convention focused on quality, affordability, community, knowledge and growth. We welcome dancers of all levels and non-dancers who are interested in movement to come join us for another great year of dance. This is a non competitive space. Our mission is focused on making your experience as friendly and enlightening as possible. While being non-competative, we do reward exceptional students with scholarships!
Day 1
Mckerstin Previlus (Hip-Hop/Wild Card)
Olivia Coombs (Contemporary)
Shakia Johnson (Locking)
Chris Natz (Dancehall)

Day 2
Skooj (Contemporary)
Sean Bjerke (House)
Ricky&Nikki (Salsa)
Jeff Jean-Phillip (Hip-Hop)

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