FROM OUR EYES / The Brown Sisters

Presented by Ipswich Moving Company
Ipswich Moving Company Studio Theater 2 Cogswell Street , Ipswich
$25 adults / $20 student, senior, BDA members

Ipswich Moving Company premiers FROM OUR EYES / The Brown Sisters.  Inspired by Nicholas Nixon’s portraits of the Brown Sisters taken over forty years, eight dancers portray the four sisters at different stages of their lives from the young sisters as they embark into womanhood to the mature sisters as they continue their life’s journey.  FROM OUR EYES explores the enduring qualities of relationships, how, we change over time yet stay the same.  It explores four fascinating individuals as it reveals universal truths.  FROM OUR EYES is intriguing, joyful and finally deeply moving.  Janet Taisey Craft directs and choreographs in collaboration with dancers: Amanda Belanger, Jenny Carlson, Danielle DiVito and Tabitha M. Rodger who portray the younger sisters. Craft is joined by guest dancers: Lou Cannon, Elizabeth Silveira and Linda Walcott who portray the older sisters.  A ‘talk back’ immediately follows each performance.  Seating is limited. Reservations are recommended.

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