Free Summer in the City Dance Performance

Presented by Cambridge Arts Council
Lechmere Canal Park 1 Edwin H Land Blvd , Cambridge, MA

“Kanassu,” or, “The Crazy One,” is a dance performance piece choreographed and directed by Senegal-born, US-based artistic director Papa Sy in his original style of West African contemporary dance. Papa Sy inserts decades of expertise in contemporary and modern dance technique to the diversity of West African in which he grew up, resulting in the creation of an imaginative, hybrid performance that combines dance, song, acting, and poetry, reminiscent of 1980s French opera. Through multiple manifestations of “crazy,” ranging from denunciations of greed, corruption, colonization, catastrophe and urgency, the performance explores the question of craziness and belonging – what do we name as crazy, and what kind of everyday craziness do we accept without question? After the performance, the audience will be invited to join the company on stage and witness the difference between traditional and contemporary West African dance. A free movie screening will follow!