Global Water Dances 2017

Fresh Pond Reservation - Weir Meadow Directions: Directions to the event! Weir Meadow, Fresh Pond Reservation, June 24th 2:30 PM Fresh Pond Reservation is located in Northwest Cambridge and is bounded by Fresh Pond Parkway, Concord Ave, Blanchard Ave, Grove St. and Huron Ave. To park: look for the red brick gate house on the reservation on Huron Ave. (opposite Park Ave.). The paths to Weir Meadow are on either side of the gate house. On street parking starts there. Look for the cars with the blue balloons. No worries about the "Parking for Cambridge Residents Only," as we have consideration for the day. No tickets will be handed out. Bus Bus routes that have stops near the Reservation. Subway , Cambridge

On June 24, 2017, dancers, environmentalists and community members in more than 95 sites around the world will come together to safeguard that all humans have access to clean drinking water. Since 2011, dancers have gathered to participate in site-specific dance performances to raise awareness of local and global water issues and encourage social action through the arts. Cambridge is on the map this year! We dance in thanks that we have clean water in our local community and for the “Get the Lead out Campaign.” We dance in hope that others will one day have equal access to clean and safe drinking water and sanitation. We dance recognizing the importance of working together in community while also each representing our own individual personal responsibility. We dance as a reminder that we ALL have a role in ensuring the future of clean water on our planet.

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