MIT Theater Building W97 345 Vassar St , Cambridge


A work-in-progress showing of a new dance/performance work by acclaimed choreographer/director Pavel Zuštiak, with an original score by MTA faculty member Christian Frederickson.

Pavel Zuštiak is a NYC-based director, choreographer, and performer, born in the communist Czechoslovakia and trained at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. He was introduced at an early age to acting (he was a child star of the popular TV show The Golden Gate), film, music and modern dance. Zuštiak’s works for stage and public spaces center around the exploration of the corporeal body while illuminating states of the human condition and treat all elements of the performance as equal. Described as both human and humane, his work merges the abstract aspects of dance with nonlinear qualities of “theatre of images” into multidisciplinary works that are rich in evocative imagery and piercing emotional resonance.