A Hunger Artist – Dance Theater Performance

Presented by Syntheater
Green Street Studios 185 Green St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 , Cambridge

“A Hunger Artist”: dance theater performance and official album release party

“A Hunger Artist” is an experimental dance theater performance that follows the journey of a fasting artist who lives for, but simultaneously resents his audience. A combination of avant garde, Vaudeville slapstick, jazz and contemporary dance the piece relates the hyper self-critical journey of the young, striving artist. Inspired by Franz Kafkas A Hunger Artist, composer and director Simona Minns takes us on a rollercoaster of grotesque images versus pure emotion. The show will be followed by Q&A session and official “A Hunger Artist” CD release party with wine, informal gathering and photo session.
Composer, director, vocalist: Simona Minns
Dancers: Madeline Miller, Séarlait Rose Carr, Mary Teuscher
Musicians: Rinat Tregerman (piano), Matt Pitts (bass), Vlade Guigni (drums)
Lighting designer: Georgeta Seserman
Stage manager: Jacquelyn Weatherbee

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