Impelling Forces by Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre

Presented by José Mateo Ballet Theatre
The Sanctuary Theatre 400 Harvard Street , Cambridge


Opening José Mateo Ballet Theatre’s 31st Season, Impelling Forces features three Mateo works .

Mozart Provoked (2014) is set to a reinterpretation of Mozart’s original Sonata in C Major by experimental musician Uri Caine who provides a contemporary jazz rendition of Mozart’s masterpiece.

1796 (2015), set to Beethoven’s Sonata No. 2 in G minor for piano and cello, explores the music’s subtle traces of a more pronounced tension that accounts for the profoundly dark character of Beethoven’s late work.

The concert also includes Over and Over(2009), set to Symphony #2 by American composer Philip Glass, considered one of the most influential composers of the late-20th century. Over and Over takes us to the all-too-familiar but nameless space where the painfully compacted effects of personal loss and the vastness of repetitious history intersect.

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