Invisible: Imprints of Racism and Day of Service

Presented by Anna Myer and Dancers/, Stable Ground, and Trendstream
Parking lot at the corner of Palmer Street and Washington Street , Boston

8AM-12:00 Clean-up Dudley Square
2:30 PM Rally/Gather Crowd
2:40-3:00 PM Speaker
3:10- 3:30PM Join hands around the Berwick building
3:00-4:30 PM Free Food Open Mic, Stories, Poetry pertaining to Roxbury/Boston and Housing

5:00-6:00PM Performance of Invisible:Imprints of Racism

Unlike traditional theater pieces, Invisible: Imprints of Racism relies exclusively on Spoken Word, music, hip and hop and modern dance to give audiences an opportunity to “feel” first and analyze second;  it was created to pull on the emotions of the heart as much as thinking from the brain.

A collaboration under the directorial leadership Anna Myer and Jay Paris, nine dancers combine with three of Boston’s finest poets explored the difficult parameters of what divides us but also what is available beyond anger and victimization to what we share in common.

6:30 Talk Back