Itzik Galili at Harvard Movement Lab

Presented by Harvard Movement Lab @ Harvard Arts Center
Harvard Arts Center 74 Mt. Auburn St. , Cambridge
The Movement Lab is a collaborative platform that works at the intersection of academic inquiry into embodiment and experiential practices drawn from dance, theater, somatics, mind-body work, and other kinds of embodied research. It seeks to develop a broader conversation on the role of embodied knowledge in the university.
Itzik Galili laughed when asked to describe his movement style. Everyone tries to put you in certain boxes. I simply don’t fit into a category…Each piece I create comes from a different inspiration and evolves from the bodies of the dancers I’m working with.”
—Stacey Menchel Kussell (2016)

This program serves as an introduction to the breadth and depth of veteran Israeli choreographer, Itzik Galili. Throughout the session, Galili will share excerpts of existing choreographic works, at times inviting the audience to experience the methods and preparations for his creative practice. Additionally, attendees will be witnesses to a live demonstration of Galili’s latest choreographic process, providing an intimate look into the first stages in the creation of a new work.

Galili’s choreographic approach will be of interest to dancers and non-dancers alike, allowing for a first-hand entry into his movement research and practice, and how he translates these into artistic work.