MEEM 4 Boston: A Story Ballet About the Internet

ICA/Boston 25 Harbor Shore Dr. , Boston

Through our smartphones and laptops, we now have access to infinite streams of information available in an instant. We can get lost in the internet for hours, clicking through hundreds, if not thousands, of videos, links, and images at a dizzying rate. Visual artist Ryan McNamara reimagines our impulse to click, copy, paste, and share in MEƎM 4 Boston: A Story Ballet About the Internet, an immersive, museum-wide, and unforgettable performance experience. Working with a cast of over 30 performers, McNamara samples and remixes music and movement—from classical ballet to contemporary dance—in an inventively staged physical realization of our virtual experience.

Once seated, audience members will be wheeled throughout the museum with a specially designed chair mover created specifically for this performance, providing each viewer with a unique and individualized experience.

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