Migration Dance Film Screening and Q&A with choreographer Sandy Silva

Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave , Cambridge

Exploring universal themes of migration, choreographer Sandy Silva and filmmaker Marlene Millar collaborate to bring stories to the screen through percussive dance and song, capturing the speed, precision and intricacy of dance in a way that can’t be seen on a live stage. The performing artists were selected from different artistic disciplines: dancers, singers and musicians come together to move beyond traditional body percussion to create a new form of storytelling.

MIGRATION is a high definition production for theatrical release and HD television. Each vignette follows a journey undertaken with the hope of a better life: setting out for work, freedom, survival, to celebrate a new birth or mourn the end of life. A cast of singers and dancers travel through time and space, driven by a need to move towards their destination.

This program is supported in part by the Cambridge Arts Council and MCC.

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