Money Mindset for Artists

Presented by Studio @ 550
Studio @ 550 550 Massachusetts Ave. , Cambridge

The Skillset Series is a series of professional development workshops geared toward artists and independent contractors that aim to sharpen the business side of things. Topics include web development, legal concerns, money matters, writing, and PR.

Money Mindset for Artists will include the following information and be presented in an interactive manner to allow artists to ask questions, get personalized feedback, and talk through real life examples for a solid understanding of how money mindset effects their lives and can transform their lives.

1. What is mindset.
2. Common money mindset beliefs and how they’re impacting your thoughts, actions, and business.
3. Identifying your unique money story to better understand how you’ve arrived at your current money relationship.
4. 3 steps to go from a negative to positive money mindset.
5. Every day hacks to create a healthier, more loving relationship with money that positively serves your life!
6. “Money Path” visualization.

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