MOVING STRONGER TOGETHER social media campaign

Presented by Moving Stronger Together
Cyberspace Anywhere you are , Boston and everywhere

A Dance Jam to Express Support for Hillary for President

Where: Social Media

When:     NOW – November 8th   Note that date above is close of voting.

Dance Solo or in a Group, Any Style, Anywhere!

How to Join:


Step 1 Make or get a sign in support of Hillary.

Step 2 Take a photo or short video of you dancing while holding the sign.

Step 3 Post the photo/video: post on the jam’s Facebook page, tweet to the jam on Twitter, or use the jam’s hashtags on Twitter & Instagram.

Step 4 To view and share all the photos and videos contributed to the dance jam, follow the jam on Facebook & Twitter, or search the jam’s hashtags on Twitter & Instagram.


Facebook page: Moving Stronger Together

Twitter: @DanceJamForH

Hashtags on Twitter & Instagram:




This jam was started voluntarily and independently from the Hillary Clinton campaign by Americans who love to dance and support Hillary for President!


Additional Note to Dancers in Boston Area:

If you are interested in participating in a coordinated Boston effort to gather momentum for the jam, please email for more info and please indicate whether you are available on any of the following dates/times: Saturday Oct. 22 3pm-4:30pm or 4:30pm-6pm, Sunday Oct. 23 3pm-4:30pm or 4:30pm-6pm, or future Saturdays/Sundays before November 8  3pm-4:30pm or 4:30pm-6pm.


If enough people respond, then we’ll go in groups on dancing tours of Boston: we’ll meet and go around historic parts of Boston, taking pictures and short videos of dancing with signs to contribute to the jam.


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