Navarasa Dance Theater’s Snake and Ladder

Presented by Wellesley College
Alumni Hall at Wellesley College 106 Central St. Wellesley, MA 02481 , Wellesley, MA

Navarasa Dance Theater’s innovative classical and contemporary work roots itself in Indian performing arts yet reaches out to audiences all around the world. Snake and Ladder shows us how the healing power of art helps us survive tragedies and bring us hope.

A prince suffering from PTSD challenges Death to a game of Snakes and Ladders. Based on Ingmar Bergman’s classic film, The Seventh Seal, Dr. Aparna Sindhoor and Anil Natyaveda’s choreography, set to an original score, contemplates death and war but leaves us with healing and redemption.

Script and concept: S.M. Raju and Aparna Sindhoor, Music: Isaac Thomas Kottukapally.

Generous support provided by the Treves Fund, the Newhouse Center for the Humanities, the South Asia Studies Program, and the departments of Sociology, Art, Theater, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

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