The Wilbury Theater Group 40 Sonoma Court , Providence, RI

On March 1 through March 3, choreographer Ali Kenner Brodsky and musician MorganEve Swain will present PARt, a multifaceted performance piece of dance, music and art. PARt is reflecting on memories in and amongst movements, music and visual landscapes. Kenner Brodsky and Swain create raw, emotional material, pulled from experience in loss and growth. Swain’s music flows alongside the dancers, rather than punctuating them, so that the music and the dance are two working parts of a larger machine.
Artists involved in the performance include dancers Ali Kenner Brodsky, Meghan Carmichael, Jessica Howard, Sarah Osterhus and Sasha Peterson; musicians MorganEve Swain, Jerusha Neely Robinson and Liz isenberg; graphic artist Cyrus Highsmith, costumes by NYC dress company Leota and lighting designer Stephen Petrilli.

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