Running in Stillness World Premiere

Presented by Marsha Parrilla and Danza Orgánica
Hibernian Hall 184 Dudley St , Boston
$25 General Admission, $15 Students and BDA Members (must present ID for both)

Running in Stillness is a dance theater piece that delves into the human condition of being imprisoned, and how this affects people imprisoned, their families, and all of us in the community. Through a close collaboration with formerly incarcerated women and daughters of incarcerated parents, we are creating a project that sheds light on this often-ignored topic. We bring a message that is honest, complex, but simultaneously- hopeful. Through this work, we investigate the impact that incarceration has in the bodies of incarcerated women, and how this phenomenon spills over through generations.

For the World Premiere there will be live Spoken Word and live Music!

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