Presented by Victoria Lynn Awkward
Abigail Ogilvy Gallery & Fountain Street Gallery 460 Harrison Avenue , Boston
$12 -$28

Directed by Victoria Lynn Awkward, Sand consists of a four-person dynamic cast featuring JoJo Boykins, Tabitha Hanay-Reaves, Michayla Kelly and Jessy Zizzo. Sand, an evening length show, will be presented at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery (1/11, 1/12) and Fountain Street Gallery (4/26,4/27). The galleries are intimate spaces that will bring the audience and the dancers into close-quarters, encouraging the audience to view actively in a boundary-pushing experience.

Additionally, Sand emphasizes diversity by having different bodies and different people coexisting. In the simplicity is the radical. This idea is also reflected in the title, as sand is made up of a multitude of grains existing together while still upholding the integrity of individuality. Also presented in partnership with Sand, is Sand, The Photo Book. Sand, The Photo Book, displays portraits of diverse and inclusive individuals being their authentic selves in front of artwork by New England based artist, Ellen Oliver.

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