Shailesh Bahoran & the ISH Dance Collective present Lalla Rookh

Presented by The Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities at Wellesley College
Wellesley College Alumnae Hall Auditorium 106 Central St , Wellesley, MA

The Suzy Newhouse Center at Wellesley College is pleased to welcome you to a dance performance by Dutch dance company Shailesh Bahoran and the ISH Dance Collective.

Shailesh Bahoran is a hip-hop dancer and choreographer influenced by elements of breakdancing as well as Indian classical dance. He is often noted for his technique, originality, and expression. In Lalla Rookh, he and his troupe will be performing a mixture of hip-hop, Indian dance, and funk styles to depict the journey of Indian immigrants of the nineteenth century, who thought they were traveling to the land of God. Instead, the ship, Lalla Rookh, docks in Suriname, where they were told they were now indentured workers.


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