The Femme Show: More is More!

Presented by In The Streets Productions
OBERON 2 Arrow St , Cambridge

The Femme Show celebrates queer femininity and the rich history of femme identity by proclaiming that “More is More.” We’re showcasing the over-the-top, the absurd, the flamboyant, and declare that, at least on our stage, there is no such thing as “too much.” The 2018 edition includes politics, step dancing, etiquette advice, fan dancing, drag, storytelling, spoken word, burlesque, and more! ASL interpretation April 20.

Featuring Amy Raina, Amber Aliyah Williams, Essence Revealed, GeeGee Louise, Jo Troll, Maggie Cee, Pampi, Poison Ivory, and Rachel Kahn, plus Emcee Alicia Greene. On Thursday Night only guest Chicava HoneyChild performs a Condoleezza Rice burlesque epic!

Following Friday’s show keep the party going with dancing with DJ Lady Spi

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